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Hair Anointing

Rejuvenates Hair and adds Sheen

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Product Description and Benefits:

Hair Anointing Oil rejuvenates and gives hair shine. It makes hair hold curl or style longer. A mixture of fruit oils coats the hair to add body to it. Just a few drops do the job with daily use.

Product Ingredients:
Olive, Avocado, Shea and Coconut oils

Product Quantity:
2 ounces

Product Testimonials

  • I didn’t realize my hair was limp until I used the “Bright Star Hair Anointing” product and my hair became more full and curly.” 
  • " It gave my hair a beautiful shine. In addition, it had a clean scent and the shine lasted all day long."            
  • “My hair was rejuvenated every time I used the product. It looked fresh!”
  • “I use it everyday. My hair has so much more body and shine.”
  • "My hair holds curls much longer when I use the “Bright Star Hair Anointing”.


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Hair Anointing Oil

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